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These are from rough notes from the past few days that I'd like to look back at later rather than leaving them forgotten and rotting away on my computer.

darkness swallows up the stars

Simon Tavener. Character name? (a name stolen from a reviewer on amazon - shh, don't tell him, whoever he may be). Perhaps the similarity to Simon Tam is what made the name stand out.

A Dream and dream thoughts
Locked in a room? Why? By my own choice? Granddad's? Wish I could remember details.

Don't I really wish I could remember the strange geography of dreams. Dreams that seem vividly real of walking home the way I've always walked while the streets are familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time. Catching a bus near the of the hill that has also become stone wall sheltered near the Norfolk arms. Had same feeling of lostness/existential self-doubt at home last weekend
in the dark, coming the "wrong way" from the train station but still knowing finding train station after bus station as I knew it ought to be but I was in a state of panic all the same

quite an old dream

something moving in the yellow attic
which attic?
the one before we moved in with Matt?
The house with the hideous carpets
where I fell asleep kneeling at my bed
or afterwards
or was it mum's bedroom with nothing in it

two fragments
a shining red ring from Egypt's frozen tomb
or a fifth-hand housewife's treasure
passed on to help through the hardest times

beneath the eyes of those that watch
my husband's false sepulchre
the ever empty tomb
all three will be doomed to damned death

collected words, collected further

the lighthouse stairs, the lighthouse stares
mourning & morning
rag automaton
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a thousand natural lights within the blackness
I wouldn't count by hand
orders of magnitude higher
naked eye reality lower
poetry truth right on the ball
leave my stars to me
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the lady and her lover
have their place and their time
the church on sunday
under guise of religion and respectability
they lose themselves among the congregation
their lord knows nothing of them
until the year's first holy day

she comes down dressed in green
the stark voice of spring
against the winter white
he clad in servile garb
of brown and fearful obsequies
for the fallen lord
now returned in health to claim his marriage bed
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graveyard memories etched in stone
bricks revive heated thoughts and words and actions
family relationship talked out over the phone
forgiven perhaps as the day's wary motions
yet not so now
I seek wearily for rest and end
worries etched deep upon my heavy brow
for those in line, their apologies left to send
why fear their response?
why more fear my own?
when can I know
my obscured inner workings
my mind becomes too much my foe


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