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An entry or part of one from Nell's diary. Still rough and needs a beginning and a date, though that can wait until I've written more of the story. I've been rereading pieces I wrote from Erica's point of view from earlier this year. I'm still deciding if the final version of the 10K story will be evenly split between Erica and Nell or if Erica's parts will be bits of her diaries and letters that Nell finds or is given.

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I have a few ideas brewing for the long fic for the writerverse Phase 5 Table of Doom challenge. The prompts I thought I wanted to use straight away were "diary" and "Blitz" with "mystery" and "lies" following close behind.

Now I have begun to write a character's diary but rather than being the diary of someone who might be about to witness the Blitz, it's the diary of Nell, my main character from my Nanowrimo novel from around 1954/5. I might also write diary for members of Nell's family during the 1940s. That might give me a chance to revisit Erica, the flyer stuck on the Channel Islands during last year's Nanowrimo, as, at the point where I've started her diary, Nell has just met Erica's sister and presumes she is going to find out all about her mother and her mother's family.

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I may well combine the prompt list above with one or two of this week's Quick Fic prompts at [ profile] writerverse (Automated Romance seems especially suited!):
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I think I'm beginning to climb out of my post-nanowrimo writing slump. This is definitely due to a new phase starting over at [ profile] writerverse and therefore brand new challenges to sink my teeth into. So far there's the first "Weekly Quick Fic" and the return of "the Table of Doom".

The "Table" is actually four lists of 25 prompts this time round and you choose one of those lists to try and complete. I've picked a list which has among its prompts "style: diary", "genre: mystery", "lies" and "event: The Blitz", so there's plenty for me to go at even out of just that lot. The main goal for this challenge is to write as many stories from the 25 prompts that it takes to add up to 10,000 words. One of things you can get bonus points for is writing one story that's 10,000 words. I'm thinking of challenging myself to that. 10K over three months seems a lot less daunting than nano's 50K in a month, but then there's all the research, planning and editing to do over the three months for this one as well.

I'm also on the lookout for prompts from other places as well. There's one from [community profile] stayintheroom that I've had my eye on for a while:
It's a list of words that have me thinking 'steampunk' every time I read through! )

There's also plenty of the start with/end with prompts at the same comm that I'd like to try my hand at as well. Hopefully I'll be able to make some brain storming and planning posts once I've finished sorting out my room. (I've just finished moving all my stuff over so it is a lot of sorting out!)
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I have an idea for a series of reviews of Second World War books. This is partly inspired by my growing collection of novels, non-fiction books and films based around WWII.

My idea has also been prompted by justkissmyfrog's reviews of novels she studied for a module on war novels for her English degree. Her reviews are here: Part One and Part Two and this is the module she studied.

I am extremely envious because I would love to do that module. However, my idea would save me nine thousand pounds in first year tuition fees followed by student loan debts for the following two years piling on top of the two years of debt from chemistry. Oh and I would have to move to Aberystwyth as well, which is a wee bit further away from Sheffield than Huddersfield is. Perhaps I'll reconsider real university when I'm old enough to be considered a mature student or have another look at doing an Open University course.
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One of the challenges on the go at [ profile] writerverse involves making a story out of three random words gerated here. That site's good for playing about with and I might challenge myself to make a story from a generated title, scenario, character names and descriptions and first line. If I make a little game of that perhaps I can get away from Erica and company a bit and let them decide who they are and what they want and only write about them when it feels right.

Anyway, my words were:

Bus stop
Traditional values

A few ideas that I got from the words:

A bus stop that isn't a bus stop anymore but simply a bench, perhaps a rather fetching one donated by a Dr De la Mare. Erica would feel guilty about sitting on it.

What if the person extolling the traditional values is not traditional themselves. It's possible they are both having affairs with German officers during the channel islands occupation.

An ensuing argument, or imagined argument restrained. Or a shout of joy perhaps to be away from the hypocritical bus stop companions.
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01.Gray (WC) 02.Action/Adventure (WC) 03.First (WC) 04.Coming Home (WC) 05.Happy (WC)
06.Once Upon a Time (WC) 07.Quote (WC) 08.First Line (WC) 09.Song (WC) 10.The Great Escape (WC)

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Responding to this exercise to generate ideas for NaNoWriMo:

wordplay of all kinds
incongruous images

feeling lonely or seeing or thinking of someone who is lonely or frightened
feeling that people I know have changed
perhaps feeling that I've forgotten how to relate to people
the uncertainty of the future (two years at university and now I may be forced to pursue a different path)

friendships and relationships (romantic, intellectual and physical)
-loss and end of friendship
-forging friendships

loneliness and isolation

labyrinthine houses (haunted, of course)
sprawling secret passages
mirrors and reflections (long ago dream of my mum threatening to send me to the mirror garden)
automatons, robots, artificial intelligence, sentient computers
black holes and stars and space travel imagined and possible
weird time effects and time travel
mathematical mysteries
quantum cat


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