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My word count is a little on the low side today but that's all right. I've had a rough time of it lately and have come over to my Mum's for the weekend to talk over the troubles I've having and also to get away from my nightmare housemate for a bit. I had a cheering up last night seeing the folk band Jack's Rake, which has one of my old teachers and used to have another one in who has left recently to concentrate on his family. Last night another one of my teachers - my old form tutor no less! - doing the sound. I did not recognise him at first and felt bad about that until Mum admitted over dinner that she hadn't recognised him at all, and then I felt a little less bad!

I've been up to my dad's house today to talk about things with him and my stepmum. They agree that the important thing is to find somewhere that I can afford as soon as I can. If it's unfurnished, they'll help me furnish it. The important thing is getting out of the situation I'm in.

That's all for now. I'm going to take advantage of being sleepy before midnight and take tomorrow as it comes. I have two phone calls to make about one bedroom houses. Then it's coffee and a book as a reward.
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I have an idea for a series of reviews of Second World War books. This is partly inspired by my growing collection of novels, non-fiction books and films based around WWII.

My idea has also been prompted by justkissmyfrog's reviews of novels she studied for a module on war novels for her English degree. Her reviews are here: Part One and Part Two and this is the module she studied.

I am extremely envious because I would love to do that module. However, my idea would save me nine thousand pounds in first year tuition fees followed by student loan debts for the following two years piling on top of the two years of debt from chemistry. Oh and I would have to move to Aberystwyth as well, which is a wee bit further away from Sheffield than Huddersfield is. Perhaps I'll reconsider real university when I'm old enough to be considered a mature student or have another look at doing an Open University course.
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Why do parents tell you don't read enough or widely enough when you tell them you want to be a writer or study English - then turn around months later and say you've got too many books that you're "never going to read" and that you should chuck most of them.

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I've just been watching the Being Human finale, which was wonderful and shocking and moving. It was the`perfect end to this series and it left off with just the right amount of intrigue for the next series. Well done to Toby Whithouse and all the Being Human lot for handling such a major transition of cast so well. This past series has really left me wanting to see more of the current main characters and my interest has been piqued (and certainly not peaked!).

And Mark Gatiss! Gosh, how marvellous and sinister was he?

I've not done any writing yet today, even though I reckoned I'd be doing that rather than cleaning. So I'm dashing this off now and going to hang my huge red blanket out to dry. Then I'll type out the story I hand wrote at the beginning of this month. I missed the deadline for last weeks drabble challenge at [ profile] writerverse where I was going to attempt to get the bonus points by combining all five prompts. I'll type up the scraps I had for that, write out some ideas I had but didn't record and see what I can make of it. There's also scraps of something about an old head myth of mine about "The Mirror Garden" which I was playing about with. I mostly seem to have written about the gateway to the Mirror Garden, which is actually a mirror in a garden. Its frame is silver and it is embedded in the earth. Perhaps it grew there one day. I've not thought of that before.

I have been reading today. Reading is something I've been doing a lot more of on the whole this year. I wish I wasn't still so lazy about it though. There will be days when I don't pick up any of my current books or any new ones either. I'd blame the internet but really sometimes I just get that way.

My main book for the past few days has been "I Capture the Castle" by Dodie Smith, which I'm absolutely loving. I read the first page or first few pages years ago, when it was in my school library, but I never read on and I really don't know why. I wish I'd read it back then. It's just what I need now though, with descriptions of castles, countryside and romance from a very modern feeling historical narrator. I get along with Dodie Smith's main character, Cassandra, than I did with either of Lily Baxter's main characters in the two books I've read of hers (Susan in Spitfire Girl back in December and Meg in We'll Meet Again) and the writing too. Maybe it's because I like being privy to the character's emotions, which you get with a narrator like Cassandra who is essentially telling the story through her journal entries but third person can feel a little off sometimes when characters are supposed to be falling in love.

I'm definitely saving "I Capture the Castle" to reread in the future. I'm not sure I'll want to read Lily Baxter's books again, though. I might read her other WWII novel "Poppy's War" about a girl who becomes a nurse. Maybe. It helped that her other two were right up my current street, with one girl joining the ATA and the other girl being in love with a German officer during the Channel Islands occupation, but, though the writing was very readable and engaging, scenes tended to cut away just as they were getting interesting for me and the love interests were only together for about 10 per cent of each novel. I might read one of her Victorian era novels written as Dilly Court. Again, maybe.

My other main book is "The Waves" by Virginia Woolf, though that keeps getting put down when I start other books like "We'll Meet Again" and "I Capture the Castle". There's also "A Game of Thrones" by George RR Martin which I started but may put aside if I decide I'm definitely reading Mycroft Holmes' posthumous memoir "Enter the Lion", kindly edited by Messrs Michael P. Hodel and Sean M. Wright, after I finish "The Waves". I think this is always going to be how I read Virginia Woolf's books - sort of bumble along with them and read nothing or everything while I'm at it. In my head I've called it 'living with' a book. I think that's right and I also think it isn't an excuse for my apparently being a slow reader, however it is perhaps the reason I can pick up books I have left half finished and carry on with them as if nothing has happened.


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