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A fun youtube find yesterday or, more accurately, a youtube find via the imdb character page for Mycroft Holmes. A search which was inspired in turn by just having finished reading Mycroft's posthumous biography "The Lion Looks in All Directions".

Finding a DVD box of "Murder Rooms" during a charity shop wander has also helped send me on another Holmes kick. I really must tidy my desk so I can get to my Xbox and watch my DVDs.

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The 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th drabbles have characters from Circumnavigate Infinity (my Occupied Channel Islands/Flyer/Lighthouse story) and the 4th drabble has Mycroft Holmes and John Watson from Sherlock. The lines in bold were taken from a previously posted drabble, as per challenge destructions. Enjoy!

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I'm sure I meant to do some writing today. Yes, I'm certain I meant to write. I can see significant portions of my desk and floor, I have a fresh set of bedding on my bed whilst the other set has been washed - oh, and I'm caught up on dishes (bar the cup I had my hot chocolate in). This was definitely meant to be a writing day.

Still, I have some time now to write something before going to sleep. I'm starting a job skills course... thingy in the morning, so I have early starts for the next three weeks. I fully intend to annoy my housemate/landlord/friend with showers at half past 6 in the morning, especially if he keeps me awake until 1 in the morning. He's had his Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 work cut down to just Mondays, so we're in for a complete role reversal as far as active lifestyle is concerned because previously it was me bumming around the house during the week and the last time he had so little work to do I was going out to uni most days.

I'm going to have a little bit more time pootling about online tonight before switching off and reading some of Mark Gatiss's('s...'s - oh the curse of excessive esses) Doctor Who novel Nightshade. I'm enjoying this one a lot. We've got a spooky village with funny goings on, a radio telescope picking up strange readings, an actor in an old people's home who used to star in what is essentially the Doctor Who universe equivalent of Quatermass and a mysterious monastery. And this is all happening in 1968.

Every time I curl up with this book, there is always something that will make me love Mr Gatiss even more than I already do. There was something that struck me last night, which was the Seventh Doctor remembering "dear Jamie". That made me melt in exactly the same way as this moment between Holmes and Watson did when I read the Bruce-Partington Plans not to long ago:

"I don't like it, Holmes."

"My dear fellow, you shall keep watch in the street. I'll do the criminal part. It's not a time to stick at trifles. Think of Mycroft's note, of the Admiralty, the Cabinet, the exalted person who waits for news. We are bound to go."

My answer was to rise from the table.

"You are right, Holmes. We are bound to go."

He sprang up and shook me by the hand.

"I knew you would not shrink at the last," said he, and for a moment I saw something in his eyes which was nearer to tenderness than I had ever seen. The next instant he was his masterful, practical self once more.
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Does anyone know where January went? Perhaps it was spending about three weeks reading Virginia Woolf's To the Lighthouse that has left me feeling a little lost now I've come to the end of it. I was tempted to start another one of her novels after I finished To the Lighthouse, after all the library in town has a load of them and I have my own copy of Mrs Dalloway lurking around somewhere. My other thought was buying Virginia Woolf's diaries after reading bits of them in Waterstones. If I found that book in the library I'd have it out in a heartbeat but the second it's on a shelf in a bookshop and I have to spend money on it, I am forced to gloomily remind myself that I have too many books to read and not enough money to spend on more. It might be worth asking for it as a birthday present in the future and no doubt October will sneak up far too fast for my liking.

January did last long enough for me to form a bit of a Sherlock obsession that currently has me writing a story with the Mark Gatiss version of Mycroft Holmes after his brother's apparent death. I'm also reading through the original stories, some of which I've read before, some I haven't and a great many that I can remember listening to in the form of the Bert Coules adaptations with Clive Merrison and Michael Williams as Holmes and Watson. I mustn't forget the stories I've watched with Jeremy Brett as Holmes. It's amazing how many years the characters of Holmes, Watson, Mycroft, Mrs Hudson and Inspector Lestrade have been in my life in their many incarnations. I know that another Arthur Conan Doyle tale came into my life even earlier that Sherlock Holmes because I remember listening to a tape with The Lost World back around the same time I had tapes with stories such as Peter Pan and a telling of the Pandora myth.

With my head being so full of Holmes there are a few films I am very tempted to get, which are
The Seven Percent Solution (with Nicol Williamson as Holmes and Charles Gray as Mycroft, who he also played in the Jeremy Brett version), The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes (which Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss have mentioned as a big inspiration) and Without a Clue.

I do have a couple of DVDs to keep me occupied for the meantime, one of which has 5 episodes with Ronald Howard as Holmes from a 1950s TV series and the other is a Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce film, The Woman in Green. The only thing I really know about this film is that the scene of Sherlock and Moriarty having tea in the last episode of the most recent Sherlock is inspired by, or borrowed from, a similar scene in The Woman in Green.

Before I watch either of those I really ought to tidy the hellish tip that is my room. Today is the only day this week that I've felt like I've done nothing useful, so I best change that even if I'd really prefer to be doing anything else.


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