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I forgot to post this drabble here when I wrote it. My second Doctor Who drabble from October 2010.

Title: Gaping Chasm of Doom
Characters: Sixth Doctor and Charley Pollard
Rating: G
Summary: The Doctor and Charley on the edge


"A large, gaping chasm of doom?" she asked, smile barely contained. “I suppose we’ll be leaping into it before too long.”

Squinting at the distant smudge of blue, he tried to reassure them both. "It's an illusion, my girl. Merely an illusion. I shouldn’t think there’s any depth to it."

Charley stared at the Doctor. Nonsense and riddles. Still talking like himself, even when he wasn't. Hand in hand, they strode over the edge. Straight down to the bottom. Black rock melted into worryingly boring brick.

The Doctor frowned, speaking curtly. "Come along, Charlotte. We’re not finished yet."
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Title: Now, Miss Smith, or Miss Pollard...
Characters: Sixth Doctor and Charley Pollard
Rating: G
Spoilers: None

A drabble set after Big Finish Sixth Doctor play 'The Condemned'. The Doctor senses that his new travelling companion is deceiving him and has resolved to question her.


"Now, Miss Smith, or Miss Pollard, or however-it-is that you want me to refer to you today, we need to have a few words about your mysterious origins."

Charley froze at the sound of this new, or rather, old Doctor’s imperious tone. He meant it this time.

“I’m just a bit confused about it all,” she blustered. “Gosh, this strange, alien man rescues me and asks me questions I have no way to answer...”

The Doctor shushed her. "I think, perhaps, we better stop there, Charlotte, or else I may begin to think that the lady doth protest too much."


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