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a thousand natural lights within the blackness
I wouldn't count by hand
orders of magnitude higher
naked eye reality lower
poetry truth right on the ball
leave my stars to me
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graveyard memories etched in stone
bricks revive heated thoughts and words and actions
family relationship talked out over the phone
forgiven perhaps as the day's wary motions
yet not so now
I seek wearily for rest and end
worries etched deep upon my heavy brow
for those in line, their apologies left to send
why fear their response?
why more fear my own?
when can I know
my obscured inner workings
my mind becomes too much my foe
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one world there
one world not
one world remembered
one world forgot
one man happy
one man sad
one man appreciating what
one man never had

light all the lights that never were here
secure all the locks
and leave the cat to uncertain fate
sealed within your lead-lined box

inspired by a Wytch, the Doctor and that Cat
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maid in the mirror
reflection of my sin on a sinless face
my secret fades as slow as the crawl and carry of time
the leaves redden, braving the approaching winter with autumn battle colours
crawl and change of time
she stares
blankly expectant
horrific truth and honesty yet to be given
fear of inevitable exposure long promised
inexorable crawl and carry of time, changing by the tick, forever honest, forever lying
in his arms
my fear
hear fear
his fear yet unknown
forgotten honesty
mine he was mine
never the years
never the fears
never the primrose promises
guessed his answer never sought
promised unasked and never bought
bring my own
within this room
within this body
within the silence
within my womb

written in response to:

(7 minutes rather than twenty)

with the help and accompaniment of these Blackmore's Night songs )


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