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I woke up in the early dawn
Wanting to find you lying there
A cool breeze blowing over your face
The sunlight shining in your hair
But you leave me here without a thought
Why did we come to this place?
Did you think this was unfair?
Are we going to meet again?
Why should I even care?

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You know, we've had this set of drums for 40 years now.
It must be an antique.
You mean like us?
Yeah, I suppose so.
[A level English Language task to write a fictional story from a news report. There is more of this somewhere.]

"Just Coming!"

And he did come down. Just not the way he should've done. When I heard the sickly splintering of glass, I thought... well, really, I don't know what I thought.

A shared kiss and a stolen one.
A stolen kiss and a shared one.

Discordant strumming

She was wavering, swaying but she wasn't alone. The whole room was drunk.

on a bed not built for three
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Swirling Entropy

madness, like a train spiralling
down along a whirl of gravity
defying tracks until one day
you know you'll just lose control
or run out of track.
That the tracks will fall out
from under you
somehow is inevitable.

as time tolls on, you begin to
feel more Lucy Jordan
and less like Lady Greensleeves

your room, your house, your life
and your computer fall to clutter
how do you expect your mind
to survive and not
fling you into
utter madness in the end

I go on and survive the best I can
as life rolls away and onwards
time weaves and wanders
as I grow ever more aware of my plight
the best I can do to stay sane is write
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High up here I feel I have
the whole sky in my sights.
I see the watery roads
and the concrete canals.
Some buildings half-built
others left half-torn down.
Greenery speeds past
welcome after the long-stretched winter

The entire duration of the universe
And the whole wide expanse of time
The moment of love
Another mere eternity of fear
This is it
And it is all


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