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The two main aims in my life at the moment are to get into work, with any luck in a job that I'll love, and to write my first novel and stories based on any other ideas that drift along to distract me from that.

Future aims and dreams include learning to ride a vintage scooter and fly vintage planes, because clearly the world is in desperate need of a clumsy blindy in control of pretty old machines with dangerous spinning bits.

"What some take for magic at first glance
Is just sleight of hand, depending on what you believe
Something gets lost when you translate
It's hard to keep straight
Perspective is everything
And now I know now which is which and what angle I ought to look at it from."

- Aimee Mann, Invisible Ink

I didn't know if it was any good or not, but that didn't matter. I had written something new and fresh I hadn't written before, and it felt wonderful.

- Neil Gaiman, The Goldfish Pool and Other Stories from Smoke and Mirrors
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