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Daedalus, father of Icarus, presented his son with his greatest invention: a set of wings constructed painstakingly from the fallen feathers of the birds in the skies over Crete by day and sealed to the wood and copper frame with the wax of the candles that lit the workshop by night. Daedalus gave his son freedom in the form of flight. His breath caught as Icarus bravely stepped forth, up the steps to the window.

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I've made a start on my NaNo novel. I'm nowhere near the word count at the moment because I've been poorly since I got home from a friend's house on the last day of October. What I don't have in words at the moment, I'm making up for with an almost crystal clear image of my two main characters exchanging postcards in a Paris bar or cafe and carrying on a whole written conversation before they ever meet face to face. My next idea was of the man (a keen pharologist and later a lighthouse keeper) trying earnestly to convince the woman (a flyer along the lines of the lines of Amy Johnson and Amelia Earhart) to marry him while she avoids answering but at the same time persuades him to let her fly him back home.

I've been glancing over Amy Johnson's wikipedia page and it tells my that her husband (another famous pilot - Jim Mollison) proposed to her mid-flight, eight hours after they first met. The parallels seem to be drawing themselves without me even knowing the original circumstances all that well. This story has to be worth sticking with, I'm sure of that now.

I have a couple of different ways the events that follow could affect the rest of the story but what I'm going to do as I write on with both in mind. Eventually I might see if one explanation is favoured or if the ambiguity works best. There's even a possibility that I'll discover whether it's me or Schrödinger devising this plot.

I have just two more things to add for now. One is another interesting fact about Amy Johnson - she went to University in my home city of Sheffield and the other is that when Tuesday arrived, the actual beginning of story turned out to be my flyer telling the story of Daedalus and Icarus. I still have this first part to pick back up when I have energy tomorrow. At the end of her telling the myth, my idea was for her to talk about her father, who was very important in inspiring and encouraging her to fly. It's possible that throughout the story she'll paint herself in the role of Icarus and she at last feels a connection to Daedalus when she says goodbye to her lost plane.


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