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When I was at my parents' over the weekend for extended birthday celebrations, the blasting of loud music carried around the house. It's origin was my stepmum's study/art studio. I popped my head round the door to find out what she'd had on. The last time I did this was Easter time and back then she got me into the new Foo Fighters album - Wasting Light- and this time the song was "Sssnakepit" by Enter Shikari.

I've heard bits and pieces from them before, what with them being one of my frighteningly tall little brother's bands and one he would put on when he wrestled control of the ipod dock from my dad for "just one song" on long, not always balmy but often barmy, summer nights of BBQ and chiminea on the garden patio.

This time I think I'm getting hooked. And I heard my Granny Mo absentmindedly singing "Come and join us" as she loaded the dishwasher - proof that the earworm was doing its rounds. :-)


Lyrics: Come and join the party leave anxieties behind When the weight of all the world is pushing down Down on your shoulders...Just push right back! )

Quelle Surprise

Lyrics: We've got the technology to move forward We've got the knowledge and the means to build upstream We've got the technology to go faster We've got the passion and the talent to make this real )
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Brilliant version of this unbelievably fantastic song as performed by a very young and bouncy Bobby.


Through the wild cathedral evening the rain unraveled tales )


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