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First Haiku
Warrior with wings
Nurtures flowers in her hands
Life rises from flames

Second Haiku
Chase after your star
The candled stag stirs the wine
Angel deals judgement

Third Haiku
Dragons' hearts are strong
Dance blind and love knowingly
And hold the child close

Warrior with wings stands in the sun
Nurtures flowers held in her hands
Living wand rises from flames
Chase your falling star while
The stag stirs the wine
Passing judgement
Dragon heart
Blind dance

Deck used: Ostara Tarot (ipad app version)
Cards drawn (one line for each):
The Sun
The Empress
Ace of Wands
The Star
King of Cups
The Lovers
Queen of Coins
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Round table room, photos of horrors
Third murder makes it serial
Wheels up in thirty, Hotch says
Reid recites stats and facts
Present the profile
We missed something
Shock reveal
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For challenge 6 - Drabble, song, poem or haiku

Prompt: Deep and Dark

In fairytale wells
Water waits for wish-fuelled coins
Down deep in dark earth

For challenge 7 - Happy Haiku

drop my smile for yours
I cannot match with my eyes
the secrets you share

run the water then
plunge my hand, froth up bubbles
I sink into warmth

everyone needs
a purpose out in the world
I hope to find mine

I bite the apple
taste the pomegranate seeds
for myself not him

little box of songs
Beatling, Bobbing, Monkeeing
my blissful moments
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A safely forgotten memory
Ghosts don't wear silk stockings
Neither do they fly spitfires
With their snug cockpits that fit so well
Like that old dress you never parted with
The one with the timeless style
And a grace channeled out from within
The glamour girls of the air
And such a great deal more besides
The pictures empart half a story
The rest needs words
The tales spun of time measured in hours
And lived in weightless, breathless moments
And memories that are yours alone
That only a solo flight can awaken

A life laid trustingly in the oil smeared hands of engineers
A risk taken every second spent moving through the air
A target to enemy and friend, and a slave to human fault and error
No weapons, nor any radio contact to speak of
Surviving through wits honed in years of practice that paled time spent in training
The case of lucky escapes and determination to do your duty
To keep the appoinment for delivery - are concerns that come second
On the the all night train home do you breathe a sigh of thanks for reaching safety
Or do you yearn to return to the air immediately
And wonder how others can stay so grounded
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Daedalus, Demeter, Minos
Icarus, Persephone, Ariadne
You can't take the sky away from me

I'll forever fly regardless
I'll learn more than you can teach
I'll overcome the darker days
And try to live the rest
Please don't pretend I can't

Don't ever forget I'm young
I live to be confused
Confounded, dumbfounded

Daedalus, Hades, Prometheus, Theseus
Icarus, Persephone, Pandora, Ariadne
They all cry
Don't you dare
Try to take my sky away from me

Poor Icarus perhaps
Should have heeded
His father's words of waves
And harmful heat
For he skimmed the salt spray
And rose through the air
As he flew toward his beacon
Daedalus was forced to watch
As the sun snatched those crafted wings
Forged from feather, wax and fear
And freedom hopes
And plunged his son with fateful hand
Down into the boiling sea

Icarus, Amelia, Amy
You lost your sky
You lost your lives
You know the water cannot keep you

Neither can the ground lay claim
To Ariadne
Nor could the dead river and snow
Trap Persephone
Never could a simple lock upon a box
Lay waste to Pandora's
Fruitful curiosity

With all due nods and thanks and all to Jos Whedon (Firefly Theme (Ballad of Serenity))
Vixy & Tony (Mal's Song, Persephone)
Andi Neate (Icarus)
and Wytchcroft (daeda)
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Up stairs and down stairs
Thin stairs, wide stairs and side stairs
Trip stairs and slide stairs
Forgotten how to climb stairs
Steep stairs and shallow stairs
Take me to the gallows stairs
Two by two only in pairs
Lose my balance and too late
I'm gone from halfway down the stairs
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Black and biting night
Gunpowder thick in the air
New stars bright and brief

Northern lights shimmer
across condensation on
my window and fade

hail haiku

Oct. 6th, 2011 04:41 pm
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hail in huddersfield
wonky weather, fool's gold sun
silver truth returned
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The lighthouse stairs
Ascend the hollow
Rough smooth cylinder
No safety in rails
No support promises
Nothing alive outside my beam

The door drifts inwardly open
This room lives within the walls
A ring of domesticity
Beginning and concluding
With a bed collapsed under
The strain of its own springs

No more forlorn stone steps
Untrusted rungs descend
The trap door thin enough
The gorges hewn all through allow a view
But the beam blanches out the rest

Clockwork control
Mercury mechanism
Revolution without mind
At times it almost kept itself

And now to my task
The job is mine
I'm the one they struggled years to find
They knew I must be the vandal
Who would try to make it blind

Searchlight silenced
Warning aborted
From the cliff hill crest 
The lighthouse stares

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the lady and her lover
have their place and their time
the church on sunday
under guise of religion and respectability
they lose themselves among the congregation
their lord knows nothing of them
until the year's first holy day

she comes down dressed in green
the stark voice of spring
against the winter white
he clad in servile garb
of brown and fearful obsequies
for the fallen lord
now returned in health to claim his marriage bed
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graveyard memories etched in stone
bricks revive heated thoughts and words and actions
family relationship talked out over the phone
forgiven perhaps as the day's wary motions
yet not so now
I seek wearily for rest and end
worries etched deep upon my heavy brow
for those in line, their apologies left to send
why fear their response?
why more fear my own?
when can I know
my obscured inner workings
my mind becomes too much my foe
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One - this number squared
Two - are all particles paired?
Infinity? One -
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one world there
one world not
one world remembered
one world forgot
one man happy
one man sad
one man appreciating what
one man never had

light all the lights that never were here
secure all the locks
and leave the cat to uncertain fate
sealed within your lead-lined box

inspired by a Wytch, the Doctor and that Cat
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maid in the mirror
reflection of my sin on a sinless face
my secret fades as slow as the crawl and carry of time
the leaves redden, braving the approaching winter with autumn battle colours
crawl and change of time
she stares
blankly expectant
horrific truth and honesty yet to be given
fear of inevitable exposure long promised
inexorable crawl and carry of time, changing by the tick, forever honest, forever lying
in his arms
my fear
hear fear
his fear yet unknown
forgotten honesty
mine he was mine
never the years
never the fears
never the primrose promises
guessed his answer never sought
promised unasked and never bought
bring my own
within this room
within this body
within the silence
within my womb

written in response to:

(7 minutes rather than twenty)

with the help and accompaniment of these Blackmore's Night songs )
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stairs that lead nowhere
doors to other worlds and times
ceiling vistas. home
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forever fearing
belated lamentation
silence and capture
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this disconcerting
uncertainty, entirely
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I woke up in the early dawn
Wanting to find you lying there
A cool breeze blowing over your face
The sunlight shining in your hair
But you leave me here without a thought
Why did we come to this place?
Did you think this was unfair?
Are we going to meet again?
Why should I even care?

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Swirling Entropy

madness, like a train spiralling
down along a whirl of gravity
defying tracks until one day
you know you'll just lose control
or run out of track.
That the tracks will fall out
from under you
somehow is inevitable.

as time tolls on, you begin to
feel more Lucy Jordan
and less like Lady Greensleeves

your room, your house, your life
and your computer fall to clutter
how do you expect your mind
to survive and not
fling you into
utter madness in the end

I go on and survive the best I can
as life rolls away and onwards
time weaves and wanders
as I grow ever more aware of my plight
the best I can do to stay sane is write
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High up here I feel I have
the whole sky in my sights.
I see the watery roads
and the concrete canals.
Some buildings half-built
others left half-torn down.
Greenery speeds past
welcome after the long-stretched winter

The entire duration of the universe
And the whole wide expanse of time
The moment of love
Another mere eternity of fear
This is it
And it is all


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