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So that's my rent paid up, soon-to-be-ex-housemate's rude comment ignored and my Mum sorted for coming up to help me finish organising and shifting stuff on Sunday and Monday. Now I just need to get something nice for dinner and crank out 11,000 words at some point over the next 30 hours.

Crikey, it suddenly feels like an awful lot of words.
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My word count is a little on the low side today but that's all right. I've had a rough time of it lately and have come over to my Mum's for the weekend to talk over the troubles I've having and also to get away from my nightmare housemate for a bit. I had a cheering up last night seeing the folk band Jack's Rake, which has one of my old teachers and used to have another one in who has left recently to concentrate on his family. Last night another one of my teachers - my old form tutor no less! - doing the sound. I did not recognise him at first and felt bad about that until Mum admitted over dinner that she hadn't recognised him at all, and then I felt a little less bad!

I've been up to my dad's house today to talk about things with him and my stepmum. They agree that the important thing is to find somewhere that I can afford as soon as I can. If it's unfurnished, they'll help me furnish it. The important thing is getting out of the situation I'm in.

That's all for now. I'm going to take advantage of being sleepy before midnight and take tomorrow as it comes. I have two phone calls to make about one bedroom houses. Then it's coffee and a book as a reward.
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It's been a bit of a non-sleep sort of night from a combination of stressful thoughts that make me want to cry and reading a fair chunk of "Looking for Alaska" by John Green which does actually make me cry.

Therefore I've been doing a bit of digital flat/cottage hunting, mostly around the Holmfirth-y sort of area. I do fail a bit in that I've fallen in love with the kitchen of one place, the bathroom and bedroom of another and then been swayed by another because it has red carpet in its combined kitchen lounge and up the stairs. Yes, the thought "Oooh, it's red!" really does factor hugely into my house wantage, it seems.

Another phrase that unexpectedly made me swoon just now was: "The cellar has been tanked out and with a laminate floor makes an ideal stone vaulted study."

Never have I wished real life could be like the Sims more than now. I could have my perfect house in less than three hours. :-)
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So, Nano marches on. As of tonight the on par word count is 20,000 and my own word count is just under half that at 9,881. I'm happy though as 600-800 word days are much better than zero word days. I've only had one zero word day but that was the first Tuesday of nano and my night was spent gaming rather than scribbling. This Tuesday, I'll try to get myself out into town early in the day and spend as many hours scribbling (all right typing) as possible and see if I can get a little closer to catching up.

The Coffee Evolution write-ins in Huddersfield work well for getting my words down and a lot of the time make me able to carry the motivation home and write at least the same amount again. That's not always possible with one of my housemates thinking he can be downright rude and intimating towards me and speak to me the way he talks to his kitten, who he smacks and tells to disappear. His attitude is making this house a really bad environment to live in.

I'm trying to keep my head up and focus on the nice things here, like the size of my room and the wall of slightly wonky mirrors at one end of it, and I love my other two housemates. My only quick option for moving at the moment is to one of my current landlord's other houses but the only room he's got at the moment is smaller than the one I'm in (about the same size as the one I had in this house before which got messy far too easily) and it's a wonky shape because of a chimney breast and fire place. It would be a lovely room though, if I was not a chronic hoarder and therefore did not have a ton of books, CDs and LPs to try and figure out how to fit in there.

This other house is also way over the other side of town, which would lead to changing doctors (and not in a regenerating sense unfortunately!). Considering my current doctor has just put me on antidepressants, going to another doctor right now is not ideal.

On the other hand, if I did move there and got all the things I'm worried about sorting sorted, I would be living opposite and abandoned pub. Depending on how long I stayed there I might be telling a ghost story for my next nano! ;-)
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The sky was so white we thought it might snow this afternoon. Come three o'clock there had been no snow, nor the streaks of red gold sunlight across the tall white chimneys or vents that loom on a cramped skyline of buildings between the town centre and the university tower. What came instead was a faint mist that obscured some of the further away buildings, like the clock tower of one of the churches. I had to walk home in the mist and unceasing rain. I wouldn't have caught a bus because Manchester road was heaving with cars. Besides, if I walked, I could fool myself into believing I had wandered into a film Noir, which would actually be quite a pity when I reconsider - the impact of my Doctor Who scarf, purple bag and bright orange hat combo would be completely lost in black and white!

I popped into the library before I headed home from town and bought two more 50p CDs and borrowed another two. The discs I borrowed are operas Peter Maxwell Davies' The Lighthouse and Benjamin Britten's The Turn of the Screw. I was going to listen to The Lighthouse after I'd finished writing this but this was before I remembered that one of the ones I bought is the Band's Music from Big Pink, so that is going on... now. At least it would have if the sound had been plugged in, which is now after a minute or so's faffing.

While I was still at the library, I went into the reference library, thinking I might do some writing in there before coming home but I realised I'd be better off using the last of what passes for daylight on days such as this. I did pop into the lending library first and came across a book of "Poems and Readings for Funerals". I decided against taking that out. Perhaps I'll search it out again when I need to get into a morbid and melancholy frame of mind for writing, but a cold winter night it's not particularly needed or especially desirable. Instead I picked up an anthology of poems about the sea, which should provide some more inspiration for the lighthouse side of my lighthouse/flyer story. Incidentally, the working title for the story is still Circumnavigate Infinity but I sometimes can't help feeling it should perhaps be titled or subtitled From the Lighthouse.

When I consider the parts I can remember of the draft I wrote in November the amount of text that dealt with my flyer desperately wishing she could leave the lighthouse, or almost getting herself killed attempting to do just that, greatly outweighed any discussion of the time she spent as a flying adventuress in the 1930s. I almost had a panic about how she could have been part of the Air Transport Auxiliary if she was stuck in the Channel Islands from 1940 onwards. With the clearly mind that two months separation with the occassional glance over my draft, I realise now that my vague idea that she might escape definitely has to be the case, be it during a commando raid (only if the island is Guernsey, Sark, or a fictionalised combination of all the interesting parts of the various islands) or in a stolen plane or perhaps even her own plane, which has been rescued and painstakingly repaired and essentially rebuilt. In which case we have a 'present' to the story during my flyer's ATA career. Oh... there's the plot I was worried about not having in November!
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My first day back at university turned out to be one that was not too bad. Out of the two module options I had to chose between for this year, Chemical Engineering is definitely the one for me. There looks set to be a good deal of calculations and problem solving but that will be with the sort of maths that isn't too daft! I know I'll be much happier with this than the other one, which is smelly biology. ;-)

I found out last week that the first year labs I'm supposed to be retaking clash with the second year labs. I went along to talk to the tutor in charge of those labs about how to manage it. He didn't have time to talk to me the first time I went as he was busy sorting out something for another group so I had a brisk walk home for some lunch and then back to uni. We couldn't find a way for me to be able to do both labs, unfortunately. But, as I attended most of last years labs, he said we should be able to find a way for him to get me data to do the work from.

Inorganic looks to be treading over old ground for the time being. Our current tutor for that module spent the two hours going over the d-block, d-orbitals and quantum numbers. It was a bit boring but likely useful to be reminded of them.

My renewed obsession with Classic Doctor Who continues. My loan coming through meant I could afford to splash out on a few different DVD's, books and audios of the episodes the BBC wiped its bum with from its archives. I must give all the ones I've read, watched and "watched". I've also spent tonight making random quick icons from screencaps of the Two Doctors I found here. I don't have time at the moment to do anything fancy with them so I'll upload them sometime this week.

I went back home to Sheffield over the weekend to see John Simm playing Hamlet. I was looking forward to it very much as it was one of the plays I studied at A level and John Simm is, of course a brilliant actor. He made a splendid Hamlet and it was great seeing a play at the Crucible for the first time since it's been done up. My mum and her boyfriend were on the front row and were sat right next to the passage where Hamlet hid while spying on Ophelia's funeral. Mum was very pleased to have been that close to John Simm, let me tell you! I was on the third row so I was very close to the action too.

Given the sort of thing that interests me, I was naturally curious to see how Hamlet and Horatio would be portrayed together. They were indeed close but had nothing on the two in the 1960s version (with Nicol Williamson as Hamlet, Gordon Jackson as a very Scottish Horatio and Marianne Faithfull(!) as Ophelia) I saw on DVD back when I was studying the play. On the night I was there, I have to admit any Hamlet/Horatio I could see, with or without looking at them through a slash filter, was a bit beaten by Rosencrantz and Guildenstern having a good cuddle in the middle of the "man delights not me" scene.


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