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Revelation Don't Waste My Time You've Come Back I Never Meant To Hurt You This Is Goodbye
In the Deep Never Quite Enough Please Don't Let Me Go Bright Light Sever All My Ties
Wasted Love For You On the Shore WILD CARD (writer's choice) So Cold Running into the Dark
Till the Street Lights Came On Right Before The Rain All That I've Waited For Time Slips to Nothing Standing Still
Just Drive Empty of Anthems Courage Insecurity Falling Over

Wild Card
Criminal Minds Nonet
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An entry or part of one from Nell's diary. Still rough and needs a beginning and a date, though that can wait until I've written more of the story. I've been rereading pieces I wrote from Erica's point of view from earlier this year. I'm still deciding if the final version of the 10K story will be evenly split between Erica and Nell or if Erica's parts will be bits of her diaries and letters that Nell finds or is given.

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I have a few ideas brewing for the long fic for the writerverse Phase 5 Table of Doom challenge. The prompts I thought I wanted to use straight away were "diary" and "Blitz" with "mystery" and "lies" following close behind.

Now I have begun to write a character's diary but rather than being the diary of someone who might be about to witness the Blitz, it's the diary of Nell, my main character from my Nanowrimo novel from around 1954/5. I might also write diary for members of Nell's family during the 1940s. That might give me a chance to revisit Erica, the flyer stuck on the Channel Islands during last year's Nanowrimo, as, at the point where I've started her diary, Nell has just met Erica's sister and presumes she is going to find out all about her mother and her mother's family.

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